2023-03-25 12:30 GMT+0

--- s W P S ---

... was fouded and agreed in AD2018 to mobile phones, compters and acessories and TV sets. Means secretWidePocketSystem and main idea of it is counting with (from) U.S. Many applications is programing to accomply with it. For example best real-anti-theft-system all over the World from Sand Studio - AIR DROID. New windows 11 is agree with it. And etc...
sWPS will be with U.S. forever - till end end of our Sun e.g. 100,000 years. It metering static energy by a special computer synapsy from specific material. I think after 20'77 when electro-magnetic signal ends and we will continuing through optic line with TV, telephones and computers to the dead of ACT because nobody will be wants to watch it. After 300 years will be for little boring but it is needed - really! Computer with sWPS will be with U.S. still... ;oB

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